Our Partners

We see our profession as an obligation to dedicated face-to-face team work in line with the individual needs of our clients with a demand for high standards of quality. Even with complex challenges we supply outcome-oriented and customised solutions at short notice.

Our notaries are independent holders of a public office. At the same time, our Notaries see themselves as consistently service-based within the scope of their notarial professionalism. They contribute their extensive practical experience and personal relationship with public registers (e.g. the German Land Registry Offices or the Commercial Registry) for the benefit of our clients to guarantee a smooth and undisputed execution of our notarial deeds.

Our Employees

Our employees are a well-established team, experienced and responsible. They are highly motivated, work independently, solution-oriented and with their own quality demand for the respective requirements of our clients.

The majority of our employees accompany individual partners of our firm for decades. Continuity and mutual appreciation when dealing with one another represent a value that is practised daily by all partners and employees.